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Voted Best Coffee House In Birmingham

Best Coffee house in Birmingham awardFor many years OHenry's Coffee has been voted by the community as the best coffee house in Birmingham. We believe life is better with coffee. At OHenry's you can recharge or reconnect with yourself or a friend, get some work done or have a meeting at any one of our four locations. So, if you are looking for a coffee house in Birmingham, our friendly staff, quality coffee and food, and relaxing atmosphere will make you believe we reserved a table just for you.

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Our coffee house locations in Birmingham are in Homewood, Regions/Harbert Center, Brookwood Village, and Highland Park.

Why our coffee tastes great

OHenry’s Coffee has been roasting coffee for over 25 years in the heart of Alabama. Our roasting facility is in the Birmingham suburb of Homewood. "Specialty coffee" uses the top 15% of the coffee beans grown in the world. In contrast we use only the top 1%. We small batch roast all our coffees so we are able to provide a consistent and great tasting coffee for you every time. When you order coffee from our website, in most cases, we will roast it and ship it the same day. 

Further more we offer over 40 coffee varieties including exceptional single origin micro lots. We roasting unique coffees from around the world throughout the year. Our seasonal coffees provide an extensive amount of different coffees to keep the most passionate coffee aficionado happy. We practice relationship coffee traveling to different coffee regions to get to know coffee farmers and how they produce their product. Read more about our coffee roasting products and process at OHenry’s Coffee Roasting Co.

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Brookwood Village

Highland Park

Regions-Harbert Plaza